Khansa Mueen

I am a Software Engineer who is enthusiastic about her work.


Here's Khansa Mueen, a Community manager, Full Stack Developer, Mentor, Technical Writer, Social Media Manager and a lifetime learner.
At Virtual University in Lahore, Pakistan, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. I’ve worked on a variety of technologies and projects ranging from modest to huge in size. I am a self-motivated, self-driven individual that is constantly seeking new challenges and chances. I enjoy hackathons and contributing to communities.


I am currently a Mentor at the Tech Hatch Community

which seeks to empower Pakistani youth by bridging the gap between education and work. In addition to technical talents, we provide a full organizational climate.
Every day, I bring my enthusiasm to work. I aspire to be a life-long learner and have discovered the value of adapting traditional techniques to modern-day initiatives.


I enjoy writing blogs

because it gets me fired up, encourages me to learn more, and gives me the confidence to discuss subjects in front of other people.

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My mailbox is always open, even if I'm now seeking for new possibilities. As a Mentor, Social Media Manager, and FullStack Developer I am accessible. I'll do my best to respond to you, whether you have a question or simply want to say hello!